Keep teams organised, engaged and on track using intuitive workspaces created specifically for remote design workshops and projects.


Sprintbase unlocks the creative potential of your people to find more innovative solutions - informed by what your customers really care about.


More than just a big whiteboard

Sprintbase organizes content in a way that’s easy to navigate and aligned to how real innovation work gets done. Capture everything in one place, without endless zooming and scrolling.

Engage your customers

Invite your customers to collaborate with you on any specific part of your project, without them seeing everything else you’re working on. Get fast feedback on your ideas, test, iterate and co-create with ease.

Facilitate breakouts seamlessly

Invite in large groups of workshop participants or customers, and have multiple sub-teams working at once on their own team whiteboard. Move teams effortlessly from breakout rooms to project work and back again.

Built-in tools & guidance

Every Sprintbase user receives access to the Tools Library of 50 + methods, instructions and templates to help them think differently and achieve better results in their innovation sprints and in day-to-day work.


Sprintbase Consultants

As an Australia Sprintbase Partner we're able to offer Sprintbase licensing, coaching and facilitation services to help your team maximise their potential.