Help your clients solve complex problems and design great customer experiences!

We work directly with business coaches & consultants to seamlessly add human-centred design to existing service! 

Typical Services

Business coaching & consulting are critical services for small business owners and provide clients with valuable advice from a trusted source that knows and understands their business.

Services typically encompass:

  • Business planning

  • Goal setting & strategy

  • Team building

  • Time management

  • Business development

  • Sales tactics & marketing

Key principles focus on:​

  • What's viable? (establishing sustainable business models and processes)

  • What's feasible? (building strategies based on current operational capabilities)

What's Missing?

The human factor. The customer experience.


A successful business needs to be Feasible, Viable AND Desirable. 

By partnering with RavenCo you can instantly add the following to your list of services:

  • Problem solving & innovation

  • Customer centric Service Design

  • Virtual Design Sprints

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What is human-centred design?

Human-centred design thinking is a process and approach to solving complex problems that empowers businesses to design products, services, systems and experiences that address the core needs of those who experience a problem. 

It ensures solutions are Desirable to the customer through research, prototyping and customer validation.  

We leverage the power and simplicity of Sprintbase 
to supercharge our virtual design sprints. 


Sprintbase™ is a virtual design thinking platform that seamlessly leads teams through the innovation process with built-in tools and direction to produce great outcomes.

Remote teams collaborate from anywhere to tackle challenges, develop products, and create meaningful impact.


Sprintbase helps organisations of any size drive continuous innovation and build design thinking capability at scale.


Authorised Consultant

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