Fill the gap in your existing business advisory service with the tools & techniques used by the worlds most innovative companies

Traditional Business Advisory

Business advisory is a key service delivered by most accounting firms and provides clients with valuable advice from a trusted source that knows and understands their business.

Services typically encompass:

  • Startups

  • Business planning

  • Budget/cash flow forecasting

  • Business structuring

  • Bookkeeping

  • Business Development

  • Accounting software set up

Key principles focus on:​

  • What's viable? (establishing sustainable business models & structure)

  • What's feasible? (building on current operational capabilities)

But What's Missing?

The human experience.


A successful business needs to be: 

  • Feasible 

  • Viable and 

  • Desirable

A desirable solution focuses on :

  • what people really need & want

  • what task they're trying to complete

  • what successful completion looks like to them

  • how an experience makes them feel

“There’s no longer any real distinction between business strategy and the design of the user experience.


The last best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.”

* Bridget van Kralingen,
Senior Vice President of IBM Global Business Services

We've knocked down the barriers of small business innovation!

connect | collaborate | co-create

Innovation works best when you have a diverse team and a common goal, but how do small businesses & sole traders achieve this? 

Operating online opens up new opportunities to collaborate!

  • We can connect you with others in your industry to bolster your numbers and build diverse industry specific virtual teams. 

If you're not directly competing in the same region why not collaborate and disrupt a market together?!

  • We can bring in professionals from other fields (eg. an app developer or graphic designer) to round out your team and help develop holistic solutions. 

Allocating and scheduling several concurrent full days to a design sprint is near impossible for most small businesses.

  • Our programs can be spread over several weeks as short facilitated online sessions to minimise the impact on your day to day operations.

  • Offline activities (such as customer research) are conducted in between, so you can ensure innovation fits into your schedule.

  • Hosting workshops online means no wasted travel time!

Workshops can be expensive and difficult for small business to afford.

  • Virtual sessions mean there's no need for hired workshop venues, hotels, taxis or catering potentially saving your business thousands!

  • Removing the need for travel slashes your unproductive and non-income generating down time.

  • The industry collaboration option reduces the number of employees needed to fill out a design team, meaning your business can continue running and making money.

What happens after most courses or workshops? Usually not much. Innovation shouldn't finish when the workshop does.

  • We give you annual access to our online platform and library of tools and how-to's so you can continue to innovate long after a workshop is completed. 

  • We're available for ongoing and on-demand assistance to help you where needed as you continue your innovation journey. 

You're an expert in your field, not in innovation or design thinking! 
We combine the following ingredients to deliver a dynamic experience that will lead you and your business to innovation success:

  • Dynamic & creative coaches with decades of remote team management & facilitation experience 

  • Human-centred design principles, processes & tools

  • Annual access to our online & mobile friendly design thinking platform

  • An online library of innovation how-to's & templates

  • Access to a global network of innovation experts

  • The industry knowledge and insights of you and others in your industry

So what's this design thinking stuff all about?

A quick intro to Design Thinking from openHPI

What about Service Design then? Whats that?

A nice description of Service Design by Bridgable.

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